Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a requirement for all medical device and IVD products – KD&A, as an expert medical device consultant, can assist you with the development of technical documentation for your device that complies with the applicable medical device regulations.

For all medical device and IVD manufacturers, a key component of gaining regulatory approval is technical documentation. This documentation, also known as a Technical File or Design Dossier, incorporates a large amount of product information and can be time consuming and difficult to compile.  The documentation describes your device and records on how your organisation demonstrates compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Technical File documentation created by KD&A is developed in line with the latest internationally acknowledged standards and guidelines. We provide documentation to meet regulatory requirements for any target market, in particular:

  • Australia
  • EU

KD&A will create high quality Technical File documentation for your product(s). One that complies with the applicable medical device regulations and industry guidelines. Our experience, once again, will help your company with a smooth journey through this aspect of the medical device and IVD regulatory process.

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Let KD&A help you with the development of Technical File Documentation that complies with the medical device regulations