New TGA Business Site

New TGA Business Site

In an effort to improve the current customer experience with the TGA ebs site, the TGA has developed a new customer friendly portal that promises to improve the on-line experience for manufacturers, sponsors and TGA agents.

The new site is being launched on Tuesday 28 April 2015 and will be called TGA Business Services. There will be a series of upgrades that will be slowly implemented. The first upgrade will allow eBS clients to access a user-friendly site that will allow them to:

  • Access and manage their contact details and other information,
  • view and pay invoices, and
  • access the drafting and submitting functions used today.

After the launch, users will be redirected to the new site and asked to change their passwords. The TGA has promised to provide further information on the site functions after the launched has been done.

The following link provides useful information regarding to the new TGA Business Services site.

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